Develop Apps through
Dialogue with AI enables app development with natural languages.
Through dialogue with AI, we will bring your ideas to life in the fastest way possible.

HOW TO USE3 Steps to App Development is the state-of-the-art app development platform that utilizes cutting-edge large language models.
With the following three steps, you can develop apps interactively.

Step 1

Input requirements through dialogue

Use natural languages such as English or Japanese to freely input your app's purpose, functions, design, and other requirements. The AI will ask questions in a conversational manner and refine the specifications based on your responses.

Step 2

AI automatically designs your app
based on requirements

Based on the requirements provided by the user, the AI will create an overall design for the app. Detailed specifications will be output in a document format called the "Detailed Prompt".

Step 3

Automatic code generation and deployment

In the final step, the AI automatically generates full-stack application code based on the detailed prompt. From building to deployment, everything is automated, making the app immediately ready for use.

FEATURESFeatures of

Let us introduce our unique app development interface.

Prompt Wizard: Develop apps through interactive dialogue provides a unique interface called the "Prompt Wizard" for communicating requirements to the AI and refining the design through interactive dialogue. The Prompt Wizard is divided into two areas: the Overview Prompt area, where users convey requirements through dialogue, and the Detailed Prompt area, where users can review and modify the generated detailed prompts. Users can come and go between these areas to design their applications.


Support for GUI-based development

App development in is not limited to interactive dialogue. Similar to traditional no-code development tools, it also supports GUI-based development. Users can choose their preferred method of development, whether it's "interactive development with AI" or "GUI-based development". Changes made through the GUI are automatically reflected in the detailed prompts via AI, ensuring that the latest specifications are always reflected in the detailed prompts, regardless of the development method used.


Version control functionality to ensure traceability records the changes made to both the detailed prompts, which serve as the specification document, and the program code generated by the AI, as versions. It keeps track of "when", "by what instructions", and "what changes were made to the program code" on a per-version basis, ensuring transparency in AI-assisted app development.

Version System

DEMOSee It in Action

Watch how works to make a simple task management app.

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